Serve at Bethany

One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ is to serve the local church. And it’s not just on the weekends! Serving opportunities are available seven days a week.

Check out the expandable sections below for serving opportunities.

Interested in serving at Bethany?

Volunteer Areas & opportunities

Classroom Leaders

Lead a class for children on Sunday mornings throughout the year during 9:30 or 11:00am service.

Classroom Helpers

Assist in managing a class on Sunday mornings throughout the year during 9:30 or 11:00am service.

Volunteer Care

Assist in managing and caring for volunteers during the week.

Nursery Care

Care for infants and toddlers on Sunday mornings throughout the year during 9:30 or 11:00am service.

Guest Intake and Greeting

Greet families as they arrive and assist visitors by sharing how things work and helping them through their first check-in.

junior High & High School
Small Group Leader

Build relationships and lead discussions with a small group of teenagers.

Tech Assistant

Run audio and video on Sunday mornings.

Greeting Students

Welcome students into a warm environment on Sunday mornings.

Prayer Team

Pray for our students and leaders on Sunday mornings.

Young Adults
BYA Worship Team

2-3 volunteers for each musical instrument as part of the worship team during The Living Room on Sunday evenings.

Small Group Leaders

Build relationships and guide transformative discussion based on the sermon in a small group of students.

Prayer Team

Prayer and intercession for the students and ministry.

Men's ministry

Teach men in small groups or from the stage on Thursday mornings.

Administrative Assistance

Working behind the scenes on the details for men’s ministry.

Women's community

Event Help

Serve in particular ways at special events throughout the year.

Asha Ministry

Women serving women in the adult entertainment industry. Volunteer prayer warriors and treat bakers are needed!

Adult Ministries
Sunday Prayer Team

Join the rotation of prayer warriors who pray over our church and the people who are part of it during the services on Sunday mornings.

Teachers & Facilitators

Assist in teaching a Sunday class at Bethany or facilitating or hosting a small group in your home.

Mentor New Believers

Become connected with a new believer and help them understand their new faith and what it means in their life.

counseling & restore ministries
Mending the Soul Facilitator

Become a facilitator for a Mending the Soul small group.

Memorial Service Assistance

Aid with organization, setup, and management of memorial service receptions.

Visitation Team

Visit and encourage our members who are shut in and cannot be with us on Sundays.

Special Needs Ministry

Assist parents with children with medical or emotional challenges.

Counseling & Support Team

Individuals and couples who are willing to be trained in certain counseling techniques are needed for pre-marital counseling, addiction support groups, Parents of Addicted Love Ones program, and assisting individuals and married couples who are struggling relationally or spiritually.

Global Partner Communication

Work with the Outreach Team in communicating with BBC’s global ministry partners on a monthly basis.

Foster Care Ministry Leader

Potential to work with Brad Pellish leading a community outreach focused on foster care solutions through our partnership with Christian Family Care and Safe Families for Children.

Solano School Ministry Leader

Potential to work with Brad Pellish leading an outreach effort focused on Solano Elementary School.

Outreach Event Participation

We always need participants at various outreach events throughout the year, including “Jesus Rocks” Marathon Outreach, citrus gleaning, Free to Laugh events, our prayer initiatives for Muslim peoples and Phoenix Police, and more. See our upcoming events here.

Mission Trip Participation

Serve as part of the team on one of our short-term mission trips. Learn more here.

Guest Services
Communion Prep

Join the rotation of those who prepare communion trays for our congregation each week.


Create a welcoming environment as people enter the Worship Center by handing out any bulletins or flyers needed and answering questions.


Stand by the doors of the Worship Center on Sundays and welcome people as they come in!

Connections Counter

Join the rotation of those who station our information and connections area and connect with visitors as they hand in Connection Cards.

BBC cafe

Greet customers, make great coffee, and help create a warm and friendly environment at Bethany. Some training available, but experience requested.

Skilled Labor

Volunteers with skills in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and more are needed in many places throughout our campus!

Audio & Video
Video Team

Join the rotation of Sunday video camera operators. Training provided.

Lights Team

Join the rotation of Sunday lighting systems operators. Training provided.

Presentation Team

Join the rotation of Sunday slide operators. Training provided.

Bethany Photo Team

Join the team of photographers capturing the moments of life at Bethany events and services. Equipment required.

Photo Team Leader

Encourage the Bethany Photo Team members, assign members to events and shoots, and answer any questions. Training provided.

Social Media

Help the communications team connect with our church during the 167 hours each week outside of the service on Facebook and Instagram. Create engaging updates and interact in an uplifting manner. Admins for our Bethany Facebook group also needed. Training provided.

Graphic Design

Assist the communications team with artwork and designs for various event promotions and printed materials. Some training available.


Video Production Team

Assist the communications team in recording and producing engaging announcement videos, event promotions, and testimony videos. Some training available.

Lobby Assistant

Assist our receptionist by periodically covering her days off or lunch hours. Welcome visitors and direct phone calls at our receptionist desk in the BBC Office. Training provided.

Finance Team

Assist weekly with the counting and organization of money.

Bulletin & Mail Preparation

Weekly or occasional assistance with printing and folding the bulletin or stuffing mailers and bulletin inserts when necessary.

Security Team

Maintain security and a safe atmosphere on our campus during Sunday services and other high-volume attendance events.

More opportunities coming!

Details TBD.