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Meet Our Senior Pastor

The Lord Jesus Christ has answered our prayers! Based on the overwhelming support of the Pastor Search Team, Elders, and the 99.8% affirmation from the congregation, the Elders have extended the call to Dr. Mike (and Kim) Fleischmann to be our next Senior Pastor. They have enthusiastically accepted and Mike will be installed during the worship services on January 20.

A Word from Mike Fleischmann

To our Bethany Bible Church family,

Thank you!!

We feel both humbled and overjoyed to affirm together with you God’s unmistakable leading and to accept the call to Bethany Bible Church. These past nine days meeting with so many of you face to face has been an absolute confirmation of God’s hand in bringing us together in His perfect time.

Thank you for sharing with us your dreams for what God has in store. Thank you for helping us to better understand the history, the deep values, strengths, and opportunities before us. Thank you for welcoming us like family and making us feel, immediately, like we are at home.

Please pray for us during this next month. We are returning to Denver where we will celebrate Christmas with our children, put our home on the market, and wrap up my responsibilities with Missions Door. We will be back to stay on Sunday, January 20, 2019.  That will be a celebration Sunday giving glory to God for His faithfulness, honoring Pastor Rick Efird for his important ministry, and expressing gratitude to our Bethany staff team who have all worked so hard during this transition time to serve the flock.

We love you already.

We are Christians, and if we believe anything, 
we always believe that the best days are yet to come!

By grace,

Pastor Mike & Kim

Mike's Story

For almost 30 years, Mike Fleischmann has been joyfully married to the love of his life, Kimberly Marie.  They feel blessed with three exceptional young adult children – son Tucker, daughter-in-law Lauren, and daughter Taylor. They are a fun-loving, always-active couple who has devoted their lives to lead churches and serve people.  They have a special heart for those who are still on the outside of personal Christian faith looking in.

For over two decades, Mike and Kim led long-established churches in Wyoming, Oklahoma, Southern California, and Oregon – helping to bring about significant growth and congregational renewal in plateaued or declining churches. For the past several years Mike has been serving as the Vice President of Missions Door, a seventy-year old mission organization consisting of 250 missionaries and affiliates around the world. Mike has been privileged to spend these years speaking at churches with a clear focus on training and developing missionaries and church leaders globally and locally.

Mike earned his Doctor of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 2008.  His dissertation on how un-churched people come to faith in Christ earned special recognition. He earned a Master of Divinity in Expositional Ministry from Western Seminary and a Bachelor Degree in Management from Corban University.

In addition to serving as a Pastor, Mike has served as an adjunct professor of theology and evangelism. He is a writer who has been featured in a number of leading Christian publications including Leadership Journal, Discipleship Journal,, and He is a frequent speaker at schools, conferences, and churches, and often is sought out as a consultant to pastors and leadership teams.

Besides following Jesus, and loving his family, Mike greatest passion is as a biblical communicator who loves to help people see the truth of God’s Word with fresh eyes. He gets enthusiastic anytime he gets to talk about the Gospel, global missions, personal leadership, or organizational effectiveness.

Mike's Pastoral Ministry Vision

At the core of what I believe about ministry is the fundamental conviction that the local church is the treasured Bride of Christ and the instrument God has chosen to bring hope to the world. For this reason she is to be loved, cherished, nurtured, built up, and maximized in such a way that the Father is glorified, the Son is proclaimed, and the Spirit is deployed to see lives dramatically transformed by the grace of God, into the image of Jesus Christ, to the ends of the earth. (Matthew 16:18, Acts 20:28–32, Ephesians 5:25–32)

For this reason the calling of a pastor is a great and humbling stewardship, to stand as an under-shepherd, representing The Good Shepherd, who laid down His life for this flock. Like Jesus, the pastor must call them by name, lead them out and feed them well, heal the sick, strengthen the weak, protect them from harm, and seek for them when they wander. (Ezekiel 34:1–17, John 10:1–18, 21:15–17, Hebrews 13:17–21, Peter 5:1–4)

The first responsibility of a pastor, toward this stewardship, is to proclaim tirelessly, faithfully, and fearlessly the Word of God; the Word that declares the Good News, testifies to Jesus Christ, and brings transformation by the Holy Spirit. To preach without careful preparation is sloth. To preach without courage is cowardice.  And to preach in such a way that makes the Bible boring is a sin. (II Timothy 3:16–4:2, Acts 8:35, Colossians 1:28–29, I Thes. 2:7–12)

The leadership obligation of a pastor is to move the people of God from their natural, inward inclination, and point them outward to a lost and dying world and God’s grand mission. A pastor does this by pointing toward a vision, setting the pace, raising up leaders, and creating effective ministry structures. He does this toward the end goal of seeing outsiders enfolded into a local church community that is marked by personal holiness, striking diversity, tireless service, uncommon mercy, fearless declaration of Jesus, and a relentless press to the ends of the earth with the blessing of Abraham. (Isaiah 49:6, Luke 14:21-23, Acts 4:32-35, 6:1-7, Galatians 3:14, 27-29, Jude 20-25)

Why We Chose Bethany


We have been drawn to Bethany’s strong legacy – a living story of a people of faith that not only reflects 64 years of tremendous impact, but 64 years of God’s faithfulness across the generations and through the peaks and valleys of their journey together.


We love the fact that everything about Bethany Bible Church is driven by the grace, truth, and power of the Scriptures. Because we know how God’s Word has changed our lives, we want to be a part of a family of faith that puts that Word at the center point of everything that it does.


We are impressed that Bethany doesn’t just want to see people come to faith in Jesus, but to see fully-formed followers of Jesus who are prepared to lead the church and change the world. I know that building systems toward this is a challenge, but we love the heart of Bethany’s leaders to do so.


We were immediately struck by both the genuineness and excellence of Bethany’s corporate worship experiences, and the way these times call God’s people to take that worship out of the gathering and into their daily lives.

Honoring Diversity

One of the things that I believe passionately is that the Church should be a place where absolutely anyone and everyone can come together on common ground at the foot of the Cross – and we see that unfolding at Bethany.  We see diversity of generations, ethnicities, status and income, backgrounds, and perspectives coming together to form an uncommon community of inclusion.

A Passion to Serve

We believe that Bethany is strategically placed by God in the city of Phoenix to have disproportionate impact for the Kingdom through sacrificial service and the extension of justice and mercy to the least and the lost around her.  We love Bethany’s commitment to own its “Jerusalem” by winsomely engaging culture and serving its greatest needs.

A Heart for the World

We love Bethany’s heart for the world – building partnerships for long-term impact by praying, giving, going, and sending people toward the global Great Commission harvest. Every healthy Christian is a globally minded Christian. Every healthy church is a globally minded church — and we see Bethany shares these values.

The Courage to Change

When we look at Bethany, we see a church with the courage to change. It has proven it over the past 64 years. We see the changes that it has made in recent years, and we know these have often been hard – but we see a church that is willing to do the hard work because it is compelled by its dreams of its future more than it glories in the memories of the past. We see a church that has not relinquished the biblical vision of future generations yet to come who will stand up in its midst and tell the Story and sing the Song, and live the Faith. We long to invest our days, and to finish our course, building into a church that leans toward the future like that.

From Our Search Team

He lives and embraces diversity in the full sense of the word – Christians and not-yet Christians, the young and old, the spectrum of ethnic, age, generational, and socioeconomic categories. This spirit of inclusivity is easy to speak about and support in theory, but Mike has proven faithful to live it out in reality.

Priscilla Wong

We believe his preaching will welcome the lost to our church with loving, open arms and help the church go deeper in learning God’s Word and have a desire to do something with it.

Gretchen Jewell

He sees BBC as an opportunity to celebrate God’s faithfulness in the past. His approach is always to find unique things that are working well, strengthening and maximizing those, while making strategic changes for the future.

Jim Harte

Personally, I would be proud to introduce Mike as our pastor to my family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. I would be very comfortable and comforted to have Mike as my pastor and my family’s pastor.

Cyndee Clancy

Our Pastor Next Transition

During our process of transitioning to PastorNext, our Pastor Search Team prepared several documents for potential candidates to learn about Bethany and to inform our church around the transition process.

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