Outreach at bethany

thoughtfully giving of ourselves and our resources to bless other people

Following Jesus to the fullest includes thoughtfully giving of ourselves and our resources to bless other people.

At Bethany, we’re committed to investing significantly and strategically in local and global initiatives designed for the betterment of others.

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Local Outreach

Bethany’s local outreach efforts are designed to foster meaningful connections between our congregation and individuals, groups, and organizations in our community.

Relationally focused

We believe relationships are most often the setting the Spirit uses to draw people to Jesus. We provide training opportunities in relational evangelism to prepare our people for everyday opportunities to befriend others. We encourage the Bethany community to engage in redemptive conversations and relationships as a reminder of our corporate commitment to personal evangelism

community minded

We seek to be regularly involved in blessing our local community. We have long-standing partnerships with local Christian and community organizations that address poverty and homelessness, crisis pregnancy, single mothers in transition, foster care and adoption, teen mothers, and after-school evangelism programs. We have a passion to serve our neighborhood, specifically the area between Peoria Avenue to the North, Arizona Route 51 to the East, Thomas Road to the South, and I-17 to the West.

awareness of the marginalized

Among our core values is a commitment to be “where the line is short.” Wherever the faith community is not heavily involved, that is where we want to be. Specifically, we are appropriately and sensitively involved in serving those marginalized by realities such as commercial human trafficking, under-resourced schools, and the commercial sex industry.

partner organizations

In addition, we partner with the following local organizations through regular financial support and periodic volunteerism:

Global Outreach

Through numerous partnerships and multiple short-term groups serving in cross-cultural settings, we participate in God’s creative Kingdom building efforts around the world.

We seek to focus our commitments—both in number of partnerships and dollars invested—in “front line” ministry efforts within our priority areas of church planting, evangelism, and discipleship/education.

Short term missions

Interested in participating in a short-term mission trip? Bethany has the following trips planned for 2019:


June 19 – July 2

Serving alongside BBC’s global partner in Lviv, New Hope Ukraine, utilizing English courses as a community outreach. This team is currently full.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

June 26 – July 6

Our college students and young adults serving beside Newtonbreda Baptist Church through sports camps, homeless outreach, street evangelism, and care for their Belfast community. This team is currently full.


July 26 – August 2

This medical missions team is partnering with Global CHE to provide basic medical clinics in a remote region of the country. Our teams serve as part of a broader process of ongoing physical and spiritual care by indigenous ministry personnel.

Dublin, Ireland

September 26 – October 8

Serving alongside Dublin Christian Mission at a time of year where they could especially use an extra hand in their homeless outreach and youth work in the heart of Dublin.

Want to apply for a short-term trip?

Follow the steps below to apply:


Step 1



Meet with the mission trip leader (they will contact you after you complete an application)


Select your trip’s fund and make a donation in the amount of the trip deposit

If you would like to support any of these ventures with a financial gift,

online giving to a Bethany mission trip participant is safe and easy.

global partnerships

We are privileged to partner with remarkable people and organizations around the world.

Please be praying for our global partners!


 Sensitive Area

M & S are part of a group that utilizes the latest media technologies to reach from Europe into North Africa. In the process, the church is being established and strengthened in this sensitive region.

Brad & Debbie

Cadence International -F.E. Warren Air Force Base – Cheyenne, Wyoming

F.E. Warren Air Force Base is one of three nuclear missile bases in the United States.  Brad & Debbie use relationships and a variety of social settings to connect with airmen, many of whom are susceptible to profound stress, loneliness and even thoughts of suicide.


New Hope International – Lviv, Ukraine

Nadiya is part of a team of Ukrainians reaching Ukrainian students and families across the country.  She leads the electronic evangelism initiative, using the latest available technology to share Jesus with her countrymen.

New Hope International – Lviv, Ukraine

Roman leads New Hope’s student and family ministry training efforts throughout his native Ukraine. Direct evangelism through digital avenues is an emerging part of NHI Ukraine’s efforts.


International Students, Inc. – Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

Kelly attended ASU for both her undergraduate and graduate programs as an international student from Asia.  This gives her a unique and valuable platform with which to reach the ever-increasing population of internationals at Arizona State.


Cru – Orlando, Florida

Miheret made a transition from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Cru’s World HQ in Orlando in the spring of 2016.  Having previously directed digital evangelism initiatives from Ethiopia to reach throughout eastern Africa, Miheret is now influencing the broader organization towards greater impact via electronic strategies.



Death 2 Life is a global organization, based in Arizona, which reaches at-risk young people via their web site. Suicide, depression and bullying are among the issues that troubled teens and young adults are provided counseling for, always with a caring and straightforward invitation to consider the good news of Jesus Christ and follow Him.


Hungarian Ministries International – Budapest, Hungary

Tamás leads a multi-faceted effort to produce updated Bible translations and target editions to meet the current needs of the Hungarian people.

Hungarian Ministries International – Budapest, Hungary

Joseph established HMI to reach into his homeland through radio during the days of Communist occupation. Today, he works with several gifted Hungarian leaders to produce Bible translations and other print and media resources for the spiritual advancement of Hungary.

Cru – Budapest, Hungary

J.R. is part of a technology team in Budapest that assists Cru’s partners in Eastern Europe and beyond, helping them utilize digital tools for maximum ministry effectiveness.

Bob & Maria

Greater Europe Mission – Athens, Greece

Bob is a long-time instructor at the Greek Bible College in Athens.

Daniel & Coreen

Indian Bible College – Flagstaff, Arizona

We support this non-denominational institution for the training of Native American church leaders through helping fund Daniel and Coreen’s administrative positions at the school. As Native Americans, Daniel and Coreen are uniquely qualified to serve the student body at IBC.

Mosaik Church

Bergen-Enkheim, Germany

Evangelical congregation in this suburb of Frankfurt.

Mark & Jessica

JAARS – Cameroon

Mark is a pilot, having been trained in the U.S. military. He uses his skills to provide aviation support for Bible translation and various other ministry efforts in this west African country.