The Living Room: BBC College/Young Adults

To be young adults ages 18-26 living life together in a loving community while intentionally growing in our knowledge of God, following the example of Jesus, and sharing the message of His life, sacrifice, resurrection, and future kingdom.

We have 3 pillars that make us who we are:


We desire to grow together as friends within the larger community of those following Christ.


Intentionally growing as disciples of Christ through the study of Scripture, prayer, mentorship, accountability, and various forms of worship.


Showing the love of Christ through serving our church, our community, our city, and sharing the message of Christ with those who don’t know Him yet.

The Living Room is a place for everyone, and everyone

is welcome.

“So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.”   -Romans 8:1

For more information on BBC Young Adults, contact Lexi at